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Chris Howe MBE

United Kingdom

posted: 25.05.2020 08:47

My thoughts this morning are of my shipmates we left on patrol 38 years ago.

Not a single day goes by that I do not think of 25 May 1982. That final valiant action of D118 changed so many lives but we that survived will never forget, must never forget. This evening we will once again come together in Remembrance and honour our shipmates.

Thinking also of those families and friends of our shipmates and those that have crossed the bar along the years since. God bless them all.



posted: 25.05.2020 07:24

Remembering Stephen R. Dawson.
You are near,even if I donīt see you. You are with me, even if you are far away. You are in my heart,in my thoughts, in my life always.

Chris Howe MBE

United Kingdom

posted: 15.05.2020 08:35


Just a final reminder that if you are wishing to join us in the Zoom Remembrance Service on 25 May (all details explained a few dits ago) then you do need to email me in order to confirm as I need your email address to forward the link invitation to allow you to join the Zoom call.

I will be sending out the invite and a short order of service next weekend. Meanwhile any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hoping you will join your fellow shipmates and families for service and up spirits!

Take care, stay safe

Chris Howe MBE

United Kingdom

posted: 02.05.2020 07:52

Dear shipmates

ZOOM Update to ealier dit below:

Some are asking about what software to download, answer is you dont need to download anything. The invitation link I will send will do all that for you at the time of logging in to the call. All I need from you is your itention to take part and the email address you will use to take part. I will forward the invite and link nearer the time along with the abbreviated order of service for you all to follow what Martin and I will deliver.

We have now had a couple of test runs and all looks to work fine so hopefully we can hold our service as planned, which will be great. Please pass the word on to other shipates you are in touch with, they may not be aware of the intention to do this.

Any questions just call me/email me.

Stay safe out there shipmates.

Chris Howe MBE

United Kingdom

posted: 28.04.2020 16:22

Dear shipmates, Faz has passed this link to me, in order to allow any of us to witness Bob Applegate\'s funeral service tomorrow. Information supplied by Sue Applegate.

Please see below the link for anyone wishing to join Bob Applegate\'s funeral service via the weblink on Wednesday 29th April at 3.15pm. Please feel free to share this as appropriate. rtchester/12641

Please note the broadcasting will not begin until the service starts so allow a few minutes before 3:15pm for the broadcast to start. You may need to refresh the browser until the service appears. The service will also be available to download by clicking on the same link approximately 2 hours after the service.

Love to all
Sue Applegate