Before the 2008 reunion, the idea of a “Formal” association had been rejected. It was made clear that many baulked at all the pomp and ceremony such organisations attract. It was however decided at the Saturday meeting to create a looser and far more informal form of association. The idea being that those who wish to march as a separate and identifiable group in November at the Cenotaph, will be able to do so.

The name “HMS Coventry D118 Association” was chosen, and the decision made that anyone who ever served on our ship would be accepted as full members, with friends and family as associate members.


ChairmanChris Howe MBE
Vice-chairSimon Rouse
TreasurerRussell Ellis (aka Eli)
SecretarySteve Hunt
Membership SecretaryCraig Phillips
Committee membersToby Owen
Tony Reece

What we hope to provide.

Firstly, there are no plans for trips out, or ladies nights or anything like that – which is why there is no yearly subscription.

Your joining fee will however be helping to build on the great camaraderie that we have and allow us in the future to fund other events should we want them, or to help pay for wreaths or the bugler expenses, if needed etc.

The forming of an association will allow Ex ‘Cov’s to march as a separate entity in Remembrance Parades should we wish to do so.

We are also looking into the fact that members may be able to book The Maritime Club at reduced rates. Other opportunities may also be available to association members, it is intended to investigate these in due course.


Membership will cost £10 and will be for life. The price remains the same for Full membership (any ex Ship’s Company), and Associate Membership (friends and family of ex ship’s company).

To join

Download the membership application form, complete it and send it to the address on the form (by email if you can), and Craig will get in touch with a way to pay online rather than mucking about with cheques. Your membership card will be posted back to you directly. The application form is in Adobe PDF format – you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (it’s free) to view/print the form.

If you are on Facebook, once you are a member of the Association you can join the HMS Coventry Association Facebook group.

The future

Once established, we can take the association in any direction we like. The chances are we will just keep things as they are for now, as this is always the most popular. However, if we do wish to invest in badges or insignia, ties etc, then being recognised as an association, however informal, is an ideal way to organise this and arrange fairer purchase prices.

More information

Please contact Craig Phillips on email.