Reunion 2022, Broadsword and Damien’s paddle results

A round-up of three news stories. First of all, details for the 2022 Reunion are now live.

Second, a bit of news about the former HMS Broadsword – our partner in the “Type 64” combo in the Falklands. She is finally going to be retired, being decommissioned on 10th August 2021. Sold in 1995 to the Brazilian Navy and renamed F46 Greenhalgh (after Ensign João Guilherme Greenhalgh, a Brazilian hero and martyr). She has served in the Brazilian Navy ever since, with remarkably few changes. A long career for for a distinguished warship – let’s hope she can be preserved as a museum ship, though given the state of Brazil’s economy, it’s not very likely.

Finally, your webmaster completed his 125 mile paddle challenge on 25th May in memory of those still on patrol, with a final short paddle round the edge of Whale Island to HMS Bristol – the last intact participant from the Falklands Taskforce still in the UK (sadly now up for disposal by scrapping). The MyDW challenge actually ended on 6th June so I kept on paddling after my personal May 25th finish, to see just how far up the leaderboard I could get in terms of mileage. I was the 21st person over the 125 mile mark, and really chuffed to say I got to 192.5 miles in total, which put me 10th out of the 100 people who did the challenge. I’m no super fit racer and I was in a heavy river cruising kayak so I’m really pleased with that – and even more pleased that I exceeded my £500 fundraising target by a huge margin – raising a total of £945.91 for Combat Stress – so thank you ALL!