Filmed on the Far East deployment in 1980, All Of One Company is a fine documentary on what was then one of the RN’s top of the line new destroyers, giving a good idea of what life onboard was like. This copy has a counter and some print damage but is slightly sharper and clearer than the other copy on Youtube.

All of One Company, 1980

Sea of Fire is a 2007 documentary on the loss of the ship, including interviews with many key personnel such as the skipper.

Sea of Fire, 2007

The National Geographic series ‘Seconds from Disaster’ also covered her final day, and includes similar interviews:

Seconds from Disaster – Sinking the Coventry

The news coverage of the crew’s return to the UK. This was a day off school for your webmaster to welcome home a father I’d thought dead for 2 days, and I can tell you that John Craven is TALL! Certainly reduced me to near silence!

Coventry survivors arriving home at Southampton, June 1982

Finally, some video from the Ship’s Flight of a sea keeping test – supposedly 1978, but judging by the number of forward life rafts and the Union Flag on the bridge roof, this was 1980: