Ian Luff

Just one photo from Ian ‘Luffers’ Luff, who is always to happy to hear from any members of the ships company. If you can identify anyone from this photo please get in touch too.

Back row:

Carl (Jonah) Jones, Dunno, Graham (Jock) Heggie, Mick (Kes) Kerry, Stevie Wassen, Doc Haliday, Richy Richardson, Dave (Big Stevie) Stevenson, Nobby Newbold, Tony Ridgill, Kev Everington, Slinger Woods, Colin (Tex Longhorn) Kemp, Hugh (Toby) Owen.

Middle row:

Les (Zooney) Howard, Martin Cook, Big Johnno Johnson, Ronnie Barker, Phil Eastall, Mark (Vince) Gough, Ian Luff, Tom Sawyer, Taff Gould, George Welbury.

Front row:

Neil (Barry) Cryer, Steve (Dinger) Bell, Brian (Brum) Lelks, Keith (Paddy) Palmer, Gary (Paddy) McCutcheon, Mark Winch, Mel (Chuck) Berry, Swampy Marsh?