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rocky Hudson

United Kingdom

posted: 25.10.2008 08:39

Two secs Yorks and I shall get an answer to you...(and everyone else)
Yorkie Burton

United States

posted: 20.10.2008 14:47

Any news on when we will be having the 2009 reunioun. If the reunion is the weekend after the 25th, I can make it - otherwise a no go due to scheduling conflicts, but will be in the U.K. from the 27th May until the 3rd of June - girlfriend in tow.
Doc Savage

United Kingdom

posted: 24.09.2008 20:11

Evening shippers, Sorry its taken me so long toput out the new revised constitution, but at long last it is now on the site called on there as thats where the committe decided it should be placed as its only for use to read and not the general public.
I\'m looking at next years reunion now so could you let me know which weekend is best for us. the 21st of may or the 28th of may and Im hoping that they arent bank holidays like this year. let me hear your thoughts,
clam seas and sandy bottoms
Ken Griffiths

United Kingdom

posted: 12.09.2008 18:30


This Board Of Inquiry SECRET document about the sinking of HMS Coventry has only been released recently (25 year rule). You may or may not have seen it...just in case you haven\'t here is the link. The lads may want to read it on the site? 2B9-8D3E-47BFB86D4B50/0/boi_hms_coventry.pdf
Guestbook owner says: Can't get the link to work but have found the document elsewhere on the MoD site - I will add a link to the front page.

United Kingdom

posted: 10.09.2008 22:23

Hi, I was wondering if anyone was in contact with Christopher Johnson,(Big Johnno Johnson)I am a old school friend and it would be nice to catch up with again, He was on the Coventry dueing the war but left after the war, he used to live in s-o-t but moved and I lost contact with him,so if you could pass my message on ,thankyou x