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JIm "Rocky" Hudson

posted: 01.02.2009 08:39

That is a very touching comment, thank you. I too will read your article.

My son Glenn, who is currntly mobilised with the RNR in the Gulf, has his own cabin in a brand new block in Faslane - even though he is at sea thousands of miles away. En Suite, telly, internet access and a DOUBLE bed!!!

Nope, he is not an Admiral, just an AB1.

It is not quite all pink and fluffy for him though. Where is is at the moment he has has his Mini gun trained on targets twice in the last few months, just waiting for the call in his earpeace to blow it out of the water. So it sounds a lot hotter now than when we were out there.

He is home in March.
Sam MacFarlane

United Kingdom

posted: 31.01.2009 20:14

Philip, your message is very kind and much appreciated by us all I am sure.

I will read your paper, by the way, you may be a distant civilian, but you obviously recognise the spirit of a wonderful ship and her minders, and we will never forget her.

Take care and kindest regards,

Sam MacFarlane, the Radio Supervisor at the time and damn proud to have been with such a tremendous bunch of people.

United States

posted: 30.01.2009 21:06

Ginge, thanks for the link about HMS Daring. I have a friend in the RNR and he told me that one thing was not mentioned - even the JR messdecks (if they can be called that) are en suite, like a regular hotel!
philip summers


posted: 30.01.2009 04:36

Hello again,
Last year, I was pleased to read Capt. Hart-Dyke\'s book which I found most interesting and revealing.

Although from Australia and a \'landlubber\' I\'ve long been impressed by the efforts of the British during the Falklands conflict and tried as best I can to understand the issues, lessons and hard work involved by all concerned.

The best I can do as a distant civilian is to express support and thanks as I try and understand your efforts, even though I feel I\'m inadequate to the task.

Still,I was pleased when a few former HMS Coventry crew kindly replied, which was most kind indeed.

My own area is mountaineering research, specifically on the saga of British climbers Mallory and Irvine on Everest in 1924.
I publish research papers on the subject and the efforts and generous crew of HMS Coventry so impressed me that I made a brief reference to you, your ship and efforts in my last research paper.

Its in the final conclusions as a subheading that simply reads to the like;

\'With all the pluck of HMS Coventry off the Falklands\'

As I think the spirit your ship and crew demonstrated, is similar to Mallory and Irvine on Everest in 1924;
committment, effort, overcoming difficulties and teamwork transcending the elements and success....

As I say, I\'m just a distant civilian but I\'m impressed by your efforts and just wanted you all to know that you\'re appreciated still, not forgotten and indeed you and your ship has transcended its naval adventures where its spirit has impressed people like me and entered the lexicon of other endeavours who see similarities in other fields such as Everest climbing and historical study.
Its a small way of saying thanks and to acknowledge your ship\'s efforts.

Thank you plucky HMS Coventry and crew, I wish you all well and good health.

Ginge Crook

posted: 29.01.2009 15:55

How times change eh!
The future.