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Malcolm(Jock) Rutherford

United States

posted: 24.05.2008 13:56

I have my keg on standby for tomorrow, I will drink a toast to all. I turn 45 this year and can't beleive it has been 26 years as the memories are still fresh in my mind of lost friends and opos. Tomorrow is our day I will never forget.


posted: 22.05.2008 17:16

sorry lads i also cant attend this weekend i have to finish off 11 houses for the dutch, my thoughts are with you all,and those we left behind. if its any consolation i shall be painting Amsterdam red on saturday night and have a drink for you all.
regards ginge woolham.

United States

posted: 21.05.2008 20:28

Due to financial constraints (I don't get paid enough!) and the price of jet fuel I'm another who will not be making the trip across the pond this year. I'll be having a quiet Sunday at home thinking of you all, especially our friends who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Calm seas, gents, and have a few beers on me.
Yorkie Burton

United States

posted: 21.05.2008 15:40

Shipmates, I am unable to visit over the pond this year, but all of you are in my thoughts... I will take a few quiet moments this weekend to remember our shipmates still on patrol, and think of all the good times we had together, and there were many. God bless - Yours Aye.

United Kingdom

posted: 20.05.2008 21:32

I too,have commitments this weekend and unable to make it.
I will be thinking of you all,especially those "still on patrol" God bless them.
Take care you lot,have a beer or three for me!!
Stay Healthy,