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Yorkie Burton

United States

posted: 28.05.2008 03:24

Thought of you all Sunday, it is very difficult to talk with people who were not there with us that day about what happened. I miss being able to share a few dits with old salts. Boris, thanks for being the @ random bald old git - we have not seen each other since the 25th 26yrs ago, last picture I saw of you was the one taken in the Falklands posted on this site - you looked as ugly as you always have!!! Miss you shippers! Bustos, Baldus and all - thinking of you - Woody, how the hell did you end up in Saudi? I thought Knocker and me were the wierd ones turning up all over the planet... Has anyone ever tried to map all the countries and cities we all live in now - I think it would be a good project to do.

We shall never forget, we will remember them.

Yours Aye - Yorkie.
tony woodruff

Saudi Arabia

posted: 27.05.2008 05:51

I wish I could have been there this year. I was thinking about you all and our lost friends at exactly 11AM your time and observed 2 minutes silence.
Things have changes since last year and work is taking me far and wide more than expected. I will endeavour to make it next year. Bye for now shipmates.
steve (boris) overall

United Kingdom

posted: 26.05.2008 07:59

many thanks to rocky once again for organising yesterdays gathering I felt very privalaged to be chosen to lay this years wreath (albeit totally @ random ).I returned home & my wife & Daughter decided it was just the right weather for ice cream , so we sat watching people padling, windsurfing , just messing about in the warm water of poole harbour, in the sun totally unaware of the thoughts going through the mind of the bald headed bloke sitting in the watching on the time 18.15. thinking of you all to often , boris
Sam MacFarlane

United Kingdom

posted: 25.05.2008 16:53

Sorry I couldn't make it guys, work just got in the way. Been thinking of you all all day and more so at this particular time.
Another year and memories still so clear.
Calm seas and a fair wind, now raising a glass and remembering those still on patrol.
God Bless.
Malcolm (Jock) Rutherford

United States

posted: 25.05.2008 12:31

Its only 5:30 am states side and I have just had a few beers and toasted our comrades still on patrol. I also toasted you all in the Home Club sitting around the bar sharing your dit's and stories. Enjoy the day as its our time to remember and give a Salute to those who have gone before us