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United Kingdom

posted: 10.09.2008 22:23

Hi, I was wondering if anyone was in contact with Christopher Johnson,(Big Johnno Johnson)I am a old school friend and it would be nice to catch up with again, He was on the Coventry dueing the war but left after the war, he used to live in s-o-t but moved and I lost contact with him,so if you could pass my message on ,thankyou x
Brick Wall ex AB(S)

United Kingdom

posted: 06.09.2008 19:55

one of the last meals had before entering pompey after the 1980 Far East run was a good old Cauliflower Curry (I think it was possibly the only 2 types of food we had left) and the chef\'s done a good job to get it edible

posted: 05.09.2008 11:05

My dads an ex WEM who (luckily) missed the falklands but lots of our families friends were invloved.

the falklands has always caught my imagination and it is not until i have got older that i realise the sacrifices that were made ( i was not born at the time).

i have just read four weeks in may.

Captain Hart Dyke has done you proud, in my opinion, this is both a masterpiece of historical recording and human survival in modern warfare and will ensure that the coventry and everyone that took part in the falklands as a whole.

You will NEVER be forgotten

JimRocky Hudson

United Kingdom

posted: 19.08.2008 20:23

Tank Tracks.

You need tons of brown sauce though, or else you might taste them.

Best consumed at 01:00 whilst wearing Ovies and a set of Anti Flash, with a coke for afters from your ressie havasack.
Sam MacFarlane

United Kingdom

posted: 19.08.2008 13:05

Dougie, 3 cheers for babies heads............what about Les (I will prove matelots can manage without chips)Kellett\'s well known variation of toad in the hole, substitute black pudding for the sausages!!! Now there\'s a success. Cheers, Sam