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Jim "Rocky" Hudson

United Kingdom

posted: 30.06.2008 11:54


I have a few, I have not yet got around to having them uploaded, but I shall get it sorted ASAP.

United States

posted: 29.06.2008 06:17

Does anyone have pics from the recent reunion? I\'d like to see who I missed seeing
Dave Jackson

United Kingdom

posted: 26.06.2008 14:35

I am out of good manners wondering whether someone could get a message to ask Simon Rouse who went on the pilgrimage whether I can use three of his photos in my doctoral thesis.
I am an ex Royal Marine who was on the pilgrimage last year who has PTSD. I am writing about my journey back and the linking it to my experience of living in civvy street. I took loads of pictures but i do occassionally come across some that are better then mine.
Dave \'yes they gave me my brain back\' Jackson
ps there is a \'m\' as in \'com\' on the end of my email.
Doc Savage

United Kingdom

posted: 25.06.2008 18:31

Evening shippers, this is the first time for a few weeks Ive been able to get on line, due to the work situation. First of all the Cov gunnerys Ive recently seen Dean Richo Richmond, he\'s work at BMW where I am at present and send his best wishes to you all.
Right the association is up and running, so that will answer some questions. As Rocky pointed out my spell check isnt working so before I send the deoc\'s to Tony I will check it again. Simon looks like we both have the same problem.
I would like to take the oppertunity to thank all those who came to Pompy for the reunion, but most of all those who listen to what we had to say and backed us up.
No more digs at each other please gents, and Sam if I got it wrong then Im sorry old mate.
So I will contact Rocky and we will get things on the move again, until then take care shippers and clam seas and sandy bottoms (the real oldies will understand that one)

United States

posted: 14.06.2008 14:26

Happy birthday Yorkie! I\'m in Virginia for a long weekend for Brenda\'s birthday today, which is also Flag Day in the US, and also Liberation Day down south.

Latest news from my household - the house is off the market and we\'re staying in FL for a few years yet. I;ve got a Facebook page also, so if you find Paul\'s or Yorkie\'s you\'ll see mine too.