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Adrian "Adey" Cumper

United Kingdom

posted: 05.06.2008 17:03

Totally agree with Tiny. We rightfully remember those who lost there lives on Coventry, but there are many others who the conflict had a dramatic affect on their lives, that has left them unable to lead "normal" lives. Although "war syndrome" is often ignored by many it is very real. It is reckoned that many more people have lost their lives since the conflict through suicide and related conditions than those who lost their lives directly in the conflict. In my view they need remembering just as much!
Andy Rowland (Tiny)

United Kingdom

posted: 04.06.2008 23:14

Is it not time we remembered ALL those of Cov 82.
We cannot forget those of the 25th of May 1982.
We need to remember all of the crew as well!
Pherhaps a rememberance section for the mates we have lost since 82 would be nice.
Brum Holder please contact as it would be nice to here from you.
Doc Savage

United Kingdom

posted: 02.06.2008 15:06

Good day shippers, first let me thank all those who mamaged to make it to popy for this years reunion. a great tiem was had by all and an excellent turn out on the sunday morning. pohots will be put on the site Im assured by those taking them.

The meeting was help at the maritime club on saturday 24th May. It was quite well attended, and we had a frank and open discussion about the aims and what exactly was required by all the lads. Having said that before I go any further i my say sorry for the way we tried to set it up, I made some mistakes which I hope we have now sorted out.

ith the help of the elected committee, which I will ask Rocky to name as Im not good with all the surmanes. Our aim now is to ensure everybody that Cov 82 is not a black type association but a loose organisation to allow old friends to stay in touch and continue to remember our ship mates still on patrol. To this end I have rewritten the contitution and have sent it today to the committee for checking and changing if required.

We hvetaken into account all the things that have been said. BUT the two main aims we were asked to achive . ie. the standard and being able to march on rememberance day, can not happen with out the association title. To this end Gents, I request your support of the Association so that we may take our rightfull place on Remberence Sunday this year and years to come. If you have and comments or wish to discuss anything with me please send your emails to

Thats all from me for now. Clam seas and happy days.

dave glasbey

United Kingdom

posted: 01.06.2008 20:02

back on line again.
just wanted to say, a glass was raised to the crew of our sister ship and to those still on patrol may they never be forgottern
dave glasbey ex wem(o) hms sheffield D80 81-82
Tim Jones

United States

posted: 30.05.2008 22:31

I was on the net when you were sinking( On the Cardiff) we just arrived in the TEZ on the 25th.
Sorry we were late had to come all the way from the Sunshine bar in Mombassa.
I served with a golly on the Boxer name of Ginge Inwood, any one know where he is?
Great site.