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fadzley osman


posted: 08.12.2008 04:42

For these day,im been watching and waiting historic channel and finally,the true story about HMS COVENTRY came out on tv.For the crew who lost thier live,a salute from me.May thier soul rest in peace.

United States

posted: 07.12.2008 14:28

Things have gotten so bad in the RN these days that it\'s down to the RFA to send a ship down south. Here\'s a link to a report from today\'s Sunday Telegraph kland-Islands-to-be-left-without-warship.html
neil wilkinson

United Kingdom

posted: 05.12.2008 12:03

Hi again,i posted a message on your message board some time ago trying to locate chris pollard?
I would also like to tell you a bit of why i am trying to make contact with him.
I worked with chris before he joined the RN, he served onboard Coventry i on Intrepid.
It would be nice to fing out how he is doing.
There is yet another reason why i am making contact with the Coventry lads, we have a connection that is bizarre!
I am in no way trying to upset anybody or stir up ill feelings, on the 27th May 1982 i was responsible for hitting an A4 Skyhawk and the pilot survived and after 25 years of thinking i had killed him i saw him on the Tv last year.
The very same pilot sank the coventry, so as you can see my link to the coventry is somewhat strange.
It would be great if anyone could get back to me with any info on chris.
Graeme Weldon

United Kingdom

posted: 04.12.2008 20:38

Sorry forgot to put the link in my last dit, must be gettin old. uth-scrap/article-519446-detail/article.html


Graeme Weldon

United Kingdom

posted: 04.12.2008 20:36

Just a quick ditty from sunny Guzz. Thought maybe some of you would like to read about an other old warhorse from 1982 HMS Plymouth and how Plymouth City Council and the Naval base won\'t give her a home. Quite sad really.