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Neil Hewitt (Oxford)

United Kingdom

posted: 16.11.2008 12:25

Mark and I were good friends with \'Nobby\' Hall who was killed on board \'Cov\', Mark being at school with Ian. Mark wants to build a \'You Tube\' tribute to the \'Cov\' and crew so would appreciate as many photos as possible of those tragic events in May \'82 and of course happier times. I\'m no good when it comes to this sort of thing so if you have any photos can you please email Mark to explaining who\'s who, all contributions will be gratefully received. Cheers Neil
Antony Hemmings

United Kingdom

posted: 14.11.2008 01:54

To John Davies thank you so much to responding to my message on here i never knew much about my as he left when i was little but im determind to find out where he was finally laid to rest and visit him one day do you know who my father saved on that day and if the guy is still around if your in touch with the guy say hello to him for me thank you for helping and if you know anything more would be glad to here it thank you for now and speak to you again
Toby Owen

United Kingdom

posted: 10.11.2008 17:25

Spent another memorable day at the Cenothap yesterday to pay respects to all those who were lost in 82 but mainly to those shipmates on the Cov.
Shared a few glasses with Simon Rouse, Richie Richardson, Matt Northeast, Tony Reece, Colin Kemp and many other crewmembers from other grey messangers of death.
See you all again soon, calm seas.
Mick Daniels

United Kingdom

posted: 09.11.2008 18:59

Today was no different than any other day - remembering our 19 Shipmates who do not grow any older.Simon thanks - a great tribute from HMS Clyde.
A glass raised to those still on patrol.

regards to all ex-Cov\'s
Dave Nevey

United Kingdom

posted: 09.11.2008 09:20

Great to see something like this on the Web.
I\'m looking around before going to Church (Sunday 9th November) to remember two mates: Sunny Sunderland and Stuey Stuart (Argonaut).
Went through training with both and on to Dryad with Sunny - I served on the Coventry in 1981/82 for a short time remember lots of people but names have slipped away - The two I remember were Knocker White and Jimmy Greaves, who scared the life out of me as a Junior Seaman when I joined the ship - Once onboard I was soon on a run ashore with both in Sunderland. GREAT Memories. Sunny joined after I had left.

Then joined Invincible and I had the unfortunate job of Helo\' Controllers Assistant on that Day. I listened to a commentary of the after the attck (given by a helicopter pilot overhead). I have no shame in admitting that I sat there in tears whilst continuing to do my job. My thoughts were with Sunny and the rest orf the crew.

I hope this doesn\'t bring up memories that people would rather forget.

Best Wishes to you all !