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Chris Howe

United Kingdom

posted: 12.06.2008 10:00

Shipmates: To put things back into perspective, I attended an industry visit to the new Navy EW section in HMS Collingwood yesterday and was fortunate to be able to hold a small rememberance ceremony with the local bish at the Naval EW Ratings FI memorial site outside the section building. This of course includes both Bernie Still and Adrian Sunderland both in my department on Cov. It was very emotional for me as I was allowed to speak some persoal words, but it did remind me once again what we are all about.

I have to say that on the long drive back up to Lincolnshire last night I was reminded of what happended 26 years ago and how silly this current 'debate' has become on whether there is or is not a piece of paper that makes a formal association. Guys - it really does not matter, we can all meet up whenever we can make it and share a few wets. Lets us move on regardless - we owe it to our old shipmates.

Take care shipmates.
Simon Rouse

United Kingdom

posted: 11.06.2008 09:50

I managed to attend that weekend of the 25th May as it is an important subject for me, and originally i was a "no" to the idea but after having my concerns heard and discussing the issues, I changed my mind as did the rest of the guys to a "yes". Unfortunately not too many of our ships company heard about the vote or do not have access to a computer as a result the voting numbers were very low and in favour of "no", however that said the majority as it stands has now been reversed to "yes", Well done to Doc for persevering I'm sure there will be another Dit put on here soon.Dougie hope the spelling is o.k no spell check available or maybe the operator!!

Simon Rouse
John Paddy Casey

United States

posted: 11.06.2008 00:11

I agree with Sam. Rocky posted a dit here asked for a vote and got it. The answer was NO I live in Florida WE ARE THE ONLY ONES ALLOWED TO OVERTURN DEMOCRACY. unless you are related to our president.
So I guess the answer is NO.
Sam MacFarlane

United Kingdom

posted: 09.06.2008 12:54

Doc, you have misunderstood and appear to be making this personal.
I have never had anything against formal Associations,(RNA, RMA, RNCA, SAMA, RNCCA, Ton Class, Submariners,C class Destroyers, Gunners, Reggies, etc, etc).
My point, for the last time. A vote was taken, the response was NO and that decision was overturned by those who managed to get to Pompey, thereby leaving two groups of people at odds.

As I said before, I wish you well. End of subject. Sam

United States

posted: 08.06.2008 08:33

Everything is as clear as mud! Was an association approved or not? If it was, then someone needs to be able to spell (or use their computer spellcheck facility), otherwise we'll be a laughing stock when the time comes to send out invitations/memos