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United States

posted: 19.01.2009 23:28

If anyone remembers the Captain of the QE2, here\'s a link to his obituary

Click here
Taff Thomas

United Kingdom

posted: 18.01.2009 14:50

Hi All

Hope everyone has jumped into 2009 with a happy spirit and a good heart. I have had some brilliant contacts from my last entry in the guestbook and I thank everyone for their support. Jan and I have been looking over the last few entries notice a bit of friction regarding the Association and marching as a Platoon on Remembrance Day.

The Association is a wonderful idea and all ex-shipmates should get involved because we are a family and we all went through that experience together which we know wasn\'t very nice. You don\'t get many experiences in life like this and I hope we never have another in our lifetime. But we did and we should make the most of that experience together. If the Association is going to work it needs all of our support.

The marching as a Platoon is a great idea I don\'t know how SAMA will take to this but the Coventry boys are a strong bunch of men now and if we want to march as HMS COVENTRY D118 Ships Company why shouldnt we?

Once abain thanks for all your support. Keep supporting HMS COVENTRY and each other.
Jim "Rocky" Hudson

United Kingdom

posted: 18.01.2009 10:10

Something I forgot to mention just now. Membership of our association would be for LIFE. So a one time payment of £10.00 only. Also, if you expressly do not want to join, no problem, you are NOT excluded from anything ie reunions or rememberance gatherings on Sunday - that is for all of us, always has been.

Looking forward to your replies from the dit below.
Jim "Rocky" Hudson

United Kingdom

posted: 18.01.2009 09:59


Regarding setting up of the association. This is what is happening now and what has happened so far.

Before the last reunion the idea of a “Formal” association was rejected. It was made quite clear that many baulked at all the pomp and ceremony such organisations attract. It was however decided at the Saturday meeting to form a looser and far more informal form of association that we can then take to the Royal British Legion and hopefully gain permission to march as a separate identifiable unit at the November ceremonies in London.

The name “HMS Coventry D118 Association” was chosen – and it was decided to be for anyone who ever served on our ship as full members or friends and family as associate members. A committee was elected:

Doc Savage – Chair.
Jack Russell – Vice Chair
Steve Hunt – Secretary
Rocky Hudson – Treasurer
Toby Owen – Committee member
Simon Rouse – Committee member
Tony Reece – Committee member

Since then I must admit not a lot happened for a few months. However that has now changed somewhat. We are in the process of setting up a bank account in our name, application forms for membership have been prepared and are ready to go, membership cards are being organised and November Ceremony contacts at the RBL have been identified. With our own account up and running and a membership base, a letter can then be sent to the RBL formally asking permission to march.

Can I just ask out of a matter of interest – is this still what we all want?! How many of us would march in London in November as an HMS Coventry Platoon?

Can I ask that you either send me an Email or reply here if you want to be represented, or represent the ship in this way.

Yours Aye


PS … If you want to send me an Email, you will need to remove the “No Junk Mail” at the end of my address, or it won’t get to me.
Sam MacFarlane

United Kingdom

posted: 16.01.2009 22:50

Dougie, I agree with every thing you say, I have attended the Cenotaph on Rembrance Sunday for many years, and have always made the effort to touch base with the \"Coventry 1982\" guys, I don\'t need telling what we have to do by someone that was not onboard on the day!!!
WE will do what WE have to do, I am fed up of being dictated to, we are a unique bad of brothers and need to get our act together, am I a lone soul that thinks that?