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Andy Stewart


posted: 03.11.2008 10:10

stephen you have got your dates mixed up mate. we never went to the carribean in 81. think it might have been sunderland,willemshaven,keil,lisbon,gibraltar. it would be good if someone could post a list of all ports visited from commission to sinking. you must have been drinking too much plonk in the wardroom ! i think i can remember you as we used to joke you were the laundry boss ! no offence intended. my wife is from weihai, shandong.hope all is well in barcelona.
Andy Stewart


posted: 03.11.2008 10:03


i remember your dad john. i am sure that when action stations sounded on that day in may we were having a few cans in 2qs mess for his birthday.he was one of only a few cooks in 2qs. the rest of the lads were in 2qp.what i can remember is that we had a good time during the falklands. he took it all in his stride and had a dry sense of humour. sad to hear of his wishes.

Sub Lieutenant Stephen Ha


posted: 01.11.2008 14:07

Hi everyone,
Great to see the site. I served on the Coventry from 1980 to 81 when we went to the Carribean, after Hurricane Allen. I was on the Glasgow during the Falklands and was deeply upset on hearing the fate of my old ship and one of my old friends, Rod Heath and Lt Cdr Robinson Moltke, I also knew Ian Williams. I also served under Captain Hart Dyke.
Im now running various businesses and living in Barcelona.
John Davies

United Kingdom

posted: 30.10.2008 22:41

Anthony Hemmings: Hi i worked with John on the Coventry & was sat next to him in the liferaft holding his medical kit whilst he helped a badly injured crewmember.What he did that day saved that persons life, without hesitation or concerned with the situation he went about his business with one aim to save that guys life.I read in the paper years ago about his sad loss, such a nice genuine person.
Antony Hemmings

United Kingdom

posted: 28.10.2008 01:48

Hello all just calling in just writing into say what a wondeful job you guys did for our country and still do i am the son of one off your crew members of the coventry i think he was a chef Mr John Hemmings just wondering if any of you guys knew him and what he was like he is know longer with us due to ill health caused by this but his memory still lives on please responed if you can many thanks.