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Mick Daniels

United Kingdom

posted: 04.01.2009 17:58

Happy New Year to all ex-Cov\'s
in particular Taff Thomas - great to hear from you and i\'m pleased that you are getting back to being the Taff Thomas we all know and love.Proud to have served under you on your TAS watch along with Si Rouse,Paul Inman and Harry Harrison.I was standing between you and George Foster when the \'lights came on and the gust blew us over\'.
We all have different coping mechanisms - i found writing it down helped me - is that any good for you Taff?it may also help others who have suffered like yourself?
Would like to do the pilgrimage myself sometime - to see what it was all about,i think that will be in a few years thought.
Take care,get out and start living -hopefully see you at one of the re-unions.

Mick(Jack) Daniels
ex AB(S)

Doc Savage

United Kingdom

posted: 31.12.2008 21:56

Hello Shipmates on the eve of a new year, let me wish you all the complements of the sesson. Please with me at midnight raise your glass in not only toasting a New Year but to absent friends, where ever they may be.
Taff thomas glad to hear from you and your getting the support you so richly deserve, We have our own very lose knit association and we meet every year around the date of our sinking. So if your able mate then please come and see us at the Maritime club in Pompy on the 29th of May 2009. To the rest of you all hope to see you then , clam sea and god willing.
Happy new Year and God bless you all.
Paul Ray

United Kingdom

posted: 30.12.2008 19:42

Hi, Happy New Year everyone.
I was on HMS Coventry from 1980 till the Falklands. I have to admit I haven\'t attended any of the remembrance services, something I am not proud of. I will try to attend the Portsmouth service in 2009. Dave Beeton kindly pointed out the excellent HMS Coventry website. It’s good to see some old faces again, looking forward to meeting up with you all again.
All the best for the new year,
Paul (or “Sting” , not that I have been called that for a while…) Ray

Taff Thomas

United Kingdom

posted: 30.12.2008 16:02

Hello Coventry Shipmates hope you all had a very charming Christmas and I hope 2009 will be wonderful for you. I am an ex Killick Tasape who served on Coventry during the Falklands War. I have just come out of a very bad 15 year depression where I sat on the sofa for 15 years and turned into a cabbage and would not wish or like anybody else to repeat this process. I suffer now from WPTSD and am now getting treatment from Combat Stress, Tyrwhit House, Leatherhead in Surrey. The place is magic I have at last found my heaven, I have peace and tranquility and the Doctors and Staff there are angels. So if anybody believes they have a problem and can\'t fac3e up to it either contact me or get in contact with Combat Stress. I promise you will be helped.

I went back to the Falklands last year on Pilgrimage 2007 which I found exhilerating and at the same time very very scary. As you know most ships didnt see the land and my problem was not with the land, but I would like to inform you the land and the people of Port Stanley are amazing and lovely people. They opened their homes to us and made us feel like one of them. God Bless Them.

I am now on a slow road to recovery believe I know what the future holds for me and where the last 25 years have been shut away and confined to 4 walls of my living room I want to start living again. I want some adventure and some excitement in life - any ideas?

One of the other reasons I am writing is there doesnt seem to be a fellowship and a bond between ex Coventry sailors like I saw down the Falklands with other Ships company\'s. I feel this is a shame as the Coventry boys were some of the best boys in the land and I will always love them as brothers. I mean its not every day you get sunk, lose your ship, lose your mates is it. Lets do something about this men lets get involved with each other again.

I hope this doesnt upset anybody or tread on peoples toes but something does need to be done. After all it is part of our life history. Love Taff Thomas
Antony Hemmings

United Kingdom

posted: 26.12.2008 00:26

Happy Christmas to one and all and to those who unfortunatly can not be with us today since learning about what my dad had gone though i hadnt given much thought about what he had been through but now on this day i will remeber him so much just a shame he isnt here any more take care guys and speak to you all soon