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dave glasbey

United Kingdom

posted: 01.06.2008 19:02

back on line again.
just wanted to say, a glass was raised to the crew of our sister ship and to those still on patrol may they never be forgottern
dave glasbey ex wem(o) hms sheffield D80 81-82
Tim Jones

United States

posted: 30.05.2008 21:31

I was on the net when you were sinking( On the Cardiff) we just arrived in the TEZ on the 25th.
Sorry we were late had to come all the way from the Sunshine bar in Mombassa.
I served with a golly on the Boxer name of Ginge Inwood, any one know where he is?
Great site.

Andy Rowland (Tiny)

United Kingdom

posted: 28.05.2008 22:29

Boris, may sound daft but if you give an email address I might be able to assist.
I had to seek assistance during Falklands 25 or lose everthing, now getting help with thoughts, remembering etc.
If you or anyone wants to start the healing stage (WE WILL NEVER FORGET) PLEASE contact me as I am sure I can point you in the right direction.

Take Care all!!!

We cannot FORGET!

Nor shall we NOT remember those still on PATROL!
Andy (Tiny) Rowland

United Kingdom

posted: 28.05.2008 21:53

Boris you were not the only one looking around wondering wether anyone had a clue. I still have my hair just a differant colour (Naval GREY sounds good).
I have all the photos of the visit we did on the Nottingham in 84, will scan and post soon, including the ones when she forgot us and we had to be winched back onboard.
Take care all and a Glass is always raised to those still on patrol.

United States

posted: 28.05.2008 19:20

I, too, took a few moments on Sunday to remember our shipmates, reading the Roll of Honor from "Four Weeks In May", and observing 2 minutes silence. Boris, thanks for doing the honors, saw you last year and as Yorkie says you're still an ugly git!

As for Yorkie's plan to map where we all live, if everyone started a Facebook profile, there's an application on there to highlight where you've lived/visited, where you currently are, and where you'd like to go. It's free, but with all the bad press about MySpace and similar sites maybe not everyone would go for it. Perhaps Damien could add an app on here for us all to add our whereabouts. As I was born 3 centuries ago all this computer stuff is new to me, so I don't know if that's feasible.

Always in my thoughts, fellas. Hope you had a good sesh over the weekend