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Brian 'DOC' Savage

United Kingdom

posted: 07.06.2008 22:06

Good evening Sam, I find your atitude very strange, when you talk about not wanting a formal association. With you being heavly involved with RNCA hich is very formal from all acounts.
Anyway the meeting was held on the Saturday as was always the plan, and a large number of those who voted NO to Rocky changed thier minds after the discussion. As i said on the night we had made mistakes, which we hope now we have solved, after speaking with all those who attended. If anyone has any more questions about what its about then pleae drop Rocky or myself a dit and we will answer them.
Andrew "Taff" Thomas

United Kingdom

posted: 07.06.2008 21:43

I'm sorry that I couldn't make it to the Reunion again this year - I was attending a wedding in Guernsey and then visiting family in Brittany.

Best Wishes to all
Jim "Rocky" Hudson.

United Kingdom

posted: 06.06.2008 06:51

First of all, it was great to see everyone at the reunion...I had a great time. On Saturday evening I remember sitting at a table and everywhere I looked, around my table and those close by, I saw a friendly (if slightly older) face! I loved that.

Calling Toby Owen and Tony Reece...can you both give me a shout on Email please. I cannot find either of your Email addresses. (New PC!)
Sam MacFarlane

United Kingdom

posted: 05.06.2008 22:45

Graeme, if an Association is what everyone wants then fine, I believed that was not the case and whatever will be will be.

When I can make it to Pompey I will, but also I will be at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday as I have for many years with or without a formal Association.

Graeme Weldon

United Kingdom

posted: 05.06.2008 20:59

Sam, I think you are playing devils advocate here, being one of the ships company who voted no in the initial vote I changed my mind at the reunion after talking to the lads that were there and finding out it was not going to be too formal. When it comes down to it everyone will make their own decision about joining or not. The bottom line is that it does not stop us all meeting in Portsmouth for a few wets and some dits. With respect to the Cenotaph at least the ships association will give some the option of being able to go and march in the same way as other associations can.

Here Endeth my dit