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United States

posted: 21.05.2008 20:28

Due to financial constraints (I don't get paid enough!) and the price of jet fuel I'm another who will not be making the trip across the pond this year. I'll be having a quiet Sunday at home thinking of you all, especially our friends who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Calm seas, gents, and have a few beers on me.
Yorkie Burton

United States

posted: 21.05.2008 15:40

Shipmates, I am unable to visit over the pond this year, but all of you are in my thoughts... I will take a few quiet moments this weekend to remember our shipmates still on patrol, and think of all the good times we had together, and there were many. God bless - Yours Aye.

United Kingdom

posted: 20.05.2008 21:32

I too,have commitments this weekend and unable to make it.
I will be thinking of you all,especially those "still on patrol" God bless them.
Take care you lot,have a beer or three for me!!
Stay Healthy,

Mick Daniels

United Kingdom

posted: 20.05.2008 20:39

Unfortunatly due to work commitments i will not be able to join you at the weekend.So although i will not be there in body i will be in spirit as we remember our lost shipmates.
Today i was at a Fire and Rescue dedication service at The National Memorial Arboretum and i laid a small wooden cross with the ships name on - and a few words,beneath the engraved names of our lost shipmates on the National Memorial.
For those who have not yet made the trip - well worth a visit.What is pleasing is that all our 19 shipmates are listed alphabetically together - THEIR NAMES LIVETH FOREVERMORE.

Regards & best wishes to all ex-cov's
Mick (Jack)Daniels & family
Ex AB(S)3Q
Jim "Rocky" Hudson

United Kingdom

posted: 19.05.2008 17:16

Vote results.

Votes received total 35. Of this, 13 count for an association. 21 people voted to leave things as they are. One person did not express a preference.

A number of people made a variety of comments both for and against. These may be of interest, so I will bring these along with me for the weekend, omitting originators names.

The majority therefore expressed an opinion against an Association. Where we go to from here will be discussed over the weekend. We will still hold a meeting at the Home Club Saturday 6PM. All welcome.