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Chris Howe MBE

United Kingdom

posted: 07.08.2015 08:00

Hi Mick, I respond so that you know you are not being ignored.

An interesting search you have there shipmate! I was the PO EW and Asst Int Officer so a member of the Operations Room team and have no recollection of such an event, I am sure I would remember. Sorry I cannot help but perhaps others in our crew do from dits told in years since?

Good luck with your search I hope you get a result.

Yours Aye - Chairman
Mick Pound


posted: 04.08.2015 21:18

This is a long shot but I am trying to remember the name of the ship that picked myself and three mates up out of the South Atlantic about the 20/21/22 May 1982. This was just after the chopper went down killing a number of SAS personnel and we were sent down as replacements. We were parachuted into the ocean as part of a resupply mission and our equipment was damaged due to a parachute malfunction. We had to borrow SLR rifles from the ship. We were cross-decked onto the LSL Sir Percival. If HMS Coventry was the ship that picked us up and anyone remembers this please get in touch. Most appreciated.
Mick Pound
Ex R.Sigs SF
(Now living in Australia)
Mick Daniels

United Kingdom

posted: 05.07.2015 19:51

Well i managed to complete my first marathon in 3:58:11,so well pleased.More pleasing is the donations still coming in,so with gift aid it takes the total over a 1,000 - a Fantastic result for Combat Stress,so many many thanks for the support and generosity.

regards and best wishes,i\'m off for a few wets!
Mick Daniels

United Kingdom

posted: 04.07.2015 21:14

Many ,Many thanks to those who have supported me.785 raised + gift aid will take it over 900 for Combat Stress - which is Fantastic.Race day tomorrow and i will be thinking of lost shipmates and survivors.

regards and Best wishes to all EX-Covs,
Mick Daniels

United Kingdom

posted: 28.06.2015 20:41

Many thanks to everyone who has donated to my fund raising for combat stress.My race number has arrived and as promised by the race organizers its 118,so well pleased about that .Still a week to go so have a read of my life jacket story and if you are able to support our veterans that would be fantastic.
Kind regards,
Mick Daniels