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United Kingdom

posted: 11.03.2014 09:27

Hi, I am trying to trace photos, memories etc of my cousin who was killed on HMS Coventry.
His name is Adrian Sunderland AKA Sunny I believe.

Many Thanks in advance
Martin Geary

United Kingdom

posted: 10.03.2014 15:08

For Chris Howe?
Possibly talked to you awaiting Cenotaph March past 2013. Shared hip flask?
I have DVD of possibly HMS Coventry during major RAS whilst onboard RFA Fort Austin, many ships involved, shot over 48hr period.
Robert 'Rocky' Rawson

United Kingdom

posted: 24.02.2014 01:42

Hello all.
Plenty of memories here i had simply forgotton about.

Really enjoyed the reunion last year in Coventry but cannot make this year as overseas in May.

Looks like it will be 2015 for me.

Thanks forcall those that work so hard to keep association going.

Like so many other accounts on here Cov certainly was the happiest and best ship I served on.

Regards to all

Robert Rawson
tony leeks

United Kingdom

posted: 06.02.2014 14:38

Hi, I have just read Capt Hart-Dyke's book "Four weeks in May". What a riveting book. I had a brief sojurn(!) on Coventry in 1980. I was the Chief GI in Vernon and piped the ship out when she sailed for the round the world trip. Little did I know that my ERP would be activated and I joined the ship in Instanbul. Lots of good memories, "gentlemen's: PT, good food and the "sod's opera" when Solly, the buffer, mangled the skipper's watch! The ship's company was outstanding, they worked hard and played hard and they gave me, the newcomer, loads of help, especially in the op's room. I still have my "Snoopy" T shirt, given to me by one of the chiefs on the flight, on the night before I flew home from Hong Kong. The Joss tried to keep me onboard for the Shanghai trip, but drafty wouldn't wear it!
I always raise a glass to that fine ship every May 25th.
Jim "Rocky" Hudson

United Kingdom

posted: 02.02.2014 19:38

Dear friends.

Are you aware that if you are a member of the Type 42 Association you are now entitled to stay at the Senior Rates Mess in HMS Nelson for social reasons.

If you contact me, I can sent you the information sheet from the Mess Manager.

See my email address to the left remember to remove the No Junk Mail, from the end.