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This page last updated on Sunday 16th November 2014.

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LCDR Rich Slonim, USN, Re

United States

posted: 08.05.2014 18:53

I just finished reading a book on the Falklands campaign and saw LCDR Michael O'Connell mentioned in the text. I sailed with him when he was XO of HMS GLASGOW and I was XO of USS ROBERT G. BRADLEY during a NAVOCFORMED cruise in 1987. Just wondering if I might be able to get in touch through your group. Thank you so much -- and the book The Battle for the Falklands only increased my respect for the RN. Quite the job. . .
kev fletcher (fletch)

United Kingdom

posted: 07.05.2014 07:31

john sharman i got your email but sorry i will not be attending the reunion this year owing to me being away.
have a great time lads i will be with you in mind if not in body
fletch ex cook
Chris Howe MBE

United Kingdom

posted: 01.05.2014 08:12

Shipmates et al

Last dit prior to this year's gathering - just a gentle reminder to let me know by email if you are intending to join us on the Saturday at Whale Island, including any family etc. I need to know numbers for catering and security reasons.

Many of you already have and for your information we are over the 50 in total attending already, so great news.

Finally, don't forget a raffle prize....if possible.

See you soon

Yours Aye - Chairman
Stephen Moffatt

United Kingdom

posted: 22.04.2014 19:44

Just received the following message from Antony Hemmings, is anyone able to help. Names not ringing any bells for me.

Good Afternoon Stephen,

You will not know me but you may know my father he was a chef on HMS Coventry his name was John Hemmings. i am trying to find out what he was like and stuff as i never saw him after the age of 7 as him and my mum got divorced and he went back up north and we moved back to gosport. unfortunately after the conflict had ended he turned into an alcoholic and in the end he took his own life. I have a half sister up north some where that i am trying to track down and also trying to track down to see where he is buried or where his ashes may be i am scared to ask my mum as this may dragged up some very old scars. If you can help me or the coventry page can help me in this matter then that would be great.

Many Thanks and Take Care
Antony Hemmings

United Kingdom

posted: 21.04.2014 13:08

Good Afternoon Guys,

I had previously posted on this site about my father who was a chef called John Hemmings and asked if anybody knew him i have not seen him since i was 7 years of age but during that time because of what happened unfortunately he turned into and alchoholic and in the end he took his on life. Im just writing on here to see if anybody knew my father and also if anybody knows where he is buried or where his ashes my be i cant ask my mum as im scared of what she me say any help in this matter whould be very grateful.

Take Care Guys