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Malcolm (Jock) Rutherford

United States

posted: 09.05.2004 12:05

Although I was only 17 when I I joined the Coventry late in 1981 reaching the ripe old age of 17.5 when we reached the Falklands. I really didn\'t get to know everyone that well. However if anyone does remember me I wish them well and a great reunion. I wish I could be there but I now live in Southern California and just heard about the reunion. Good luck have a great time and enjoy.
Jim (Rocky) Hudson

United Kingdom

posted: 08.05.2004 11:58

Reunion 21-23 May2004. Update and timings etc. DIT 1

Stacks of positive feed back over the reunion, especially over the last week.

People are asking for details of meeting points etc.

Like I said before, its pretty relaxed but most people suggest we meet at the Home Club.

The plan… such as it is can be found below.

Some partners are joining us so it is likely that people will disappear over the course of the evening, maybe for meals etc. Don’t feel obliged to stay in one big group.

Jim (Rocky) Hudson

United Kingdom

posted: 08.05.2004 11:57


Friday 21st. Meet at the Home Club 19:30. We will probably move on from there but can I suggest we stick to pubs around the town centre so that any late comers can track us down.

Saturday. DTS 12:00.

Evening 19:30.

Again we will meet at the Home Club and probably move on as the mood takes us.

Sunday. Wreath laying at the South Atlantic memorial. 11:00.

(The wreath is ordered, it is the shape of an anchor, red white and blue flowers).

Other than that…do as you please, meet up with old mates and have a pleasant weekend.

Look forward to seeing every one.


Kevin James

New Zealand

posted: 06.05.2004 09:28

Have a drink for me please guys on the DTS. I\'m sure there will be some memorable ditties and moments.


Kevin (Kid) James
Kevin James

New Zealand

posted: 06.05.2004 09:25

What a great site dedicated to those who served and those who gave their lives on the Cov.

I did my sea training on the Cov as a tiffy 1980 - 1981 joined her in Honky Fid during the Far East deployment. So many wonderful memories.

Also served on Exeter \'82 - 84. Must give huge credit to \"Faz\" Fazackerley and the others on Exeter who made the cross and erected it on Pebble Island during one of our trips. I remember that day poignantly as well.

Would love to get in contact with others from the deployment etc especially those from the greenies mess.


Kevin (Kid) James