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federico moreno


posted: 20.11.2003 19:14


Your site is free of jingoistic stuff, and free of offensive words about your -then- enemies. Excellent photos and narrations. I tend to believe that the Falklands War was a showcase of gentlemanery and honour for both bands.

War is a bad thing, but if a war is going to be fought, it would be fighted the way that Falklands -Malvinas- War was fought.

You englishmen were very brave, and argentine warriors were very brave too.

Kudos, and my great respect.

Federico Moreno

Buenos Aires


posted: 18.11.2003 07:55

does anybody fancy an unoffical ******* (excuse the language)in Pompy next MAY 25? I NOT doing any organising !!!maybe meet @homeclub,do JO`S PARK TAVERN,MUCKY DUCK, CITY ARMS,or whatever,an suggestions?

United Kingdom

posted: 12.11.2003 18:50

\"Ginge\"can u e-mail \"BOULDERS\" details, cheers. How was the 40th?
Andy (ginge) Crook

United Kingdom

posted: 11.11.2003 19:04

For the info of other ex Cov crew. I saw an advert in a copy of the Navy News from May or June, The skipper was asking for info eg, diary entries or just peoples memories of the events in 82.He is looking into the possibility of having a book published with the info.If he gets enough. unfortunately i threw out the copy with the e-mail address.

P.S. Buster i think i have got dingleby\'s address and phone number,my e-mail address is on the members list.
Toby Owen (ex Stoker)

United Kingdom

posted: 11.11.2003 16:07

Ahoy Shipmates.

Just found the site and how pleasing it is just to sit and read the dits left. love to meet up some time with a few of you. Like so few others I go to the cenotaph every year with SAMA82, guys youv\'e got to try and make it,just to remember,drink and have a good laugh at the same time. Hope to see more of you 2004.

All the very best.


Where is Phil Hutton?