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Derek Kimber

United Kingdom

posted: 25.05.2004 09:15


Thanks for a very enjoyable Saturday and Sunday. The service was very moving for me and Pat so we moved off early. Have spoken with Faz and would like to be involved more next year. Please keep in touch. I have a cheque in my pocket for 151.81 the balance of previous reuniuons which I need to get to you. Please let me hav your address Telephone 02392 896194 during the day or 02392 552151 nights. Thanks once again it was good to see some old faces


Derek Kimber
kev (fletch) fletcher c

United Kingdom

posted: 24.05.2004 21:18

i go down to pompey most years in may and guess what this year i give it a miss and you go and have a p*** up and i miss it hope you all had a great time and count me in next year come on you chefs where are you all now
Jack (Mick) daniels

United Kingdom

posted: 24.05.2004 20:51

Rocky - thanks for all your hard work which made the weekend one to remember.

Tony - for the difficult task you did so well for our comrades still on watch.

To everyone there - wonderful for me and the family to be present amongst you once again,you haven\'t changed after all this time - you still are the best- great guys,great times,great memories.Thanks.Till next time shipmates.


Jamie Tuner

United Kingdom

posted: 24.05.2004 11:52

Rocky. Many thanks for all your hard work in bringing us together this past weekend. Sunday\'s short memorial service was a fitting way to remember. Both the laying of the wreath, and the old sea stories afterwards, whilst lsitening to the water slap against the harbour wall. Remembered with dignity. Again thanks.

Jamie Tuner

United Kingdom

posted: 24.05.2004 11:03

Another year gone but never forgotten. Many thanks to Tony Woodruff for the heart moving words on Sunday.

Still riding the high from renewing old friendships. Spending time with you guys reminded me of what a great bunch you all are. We\'ve all gone our separate ways but at heart we\'re all still the same - sad gits - swing that lantern boys. Until next time. Yours Aye.