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Dave Nuttall

United Kingdom

posted: 03.09.2004 17:14

Message for Caroline Edwards:

Caroline was your Dad one of the flight crew, lived in the Starboard POs Mess when they were onboard. If so tell him Dave Nuttall the Communications Yeoman was asking about him.

Tony (Taff) Hayden

United Kingdom

posted: 30.08.2004 18:58

New site for HMS PLYMOUTH, not finished yet but am hosting it on my home pages until we go live in OCtober tl


United States

posted: 30.08.2004 16:35

Sparky - I remember you, we got into the life raft and I said - why only half a life raft??? We proceeded to raise the middle and pump out the excess water just as (AB R)Dougie, the Chippy, (Sub LT)Dinger Bell, (LS M)Smudge Smith started getting in! I asked Doug to break out the manual - Thats NILE Traning winning the day - I made everyone take Sea Sick Pills!!! even though I knew we would be there for only a few hours.

Keep in touch, there are many of us that remember you...

Burt (LS R) Malcolm Burton.
william barnham

United Kingdom

posted: 17.08.2004 09:49

hi my name is william barnham i am 14 years old 15 in 4 days. My dad william barnham known as \"barny\" served on d118 he has told me many stories of time on board and he is gutted at the fact that he freind steve was going to get married but he didnt in the end but because of this he missed the reunion can some old pals of his please speak to him please and hi to \"brick\" hope all of you had a great reunion and memories and thoughts to the lads that lost their lives

goodbye and godbless

wilz barnzey. williams son
Brian Willey

United Kingdom

posted: 10.08.2004 22:24

During late 1978 I produced a programme for BBC Radio Two aboard HMS Coventry, during her sea trials in the English channel and around the Isle of Wight. The presenter was John Dunn and we landlubbers had to board her up a rope ladder from a fleet tender, in a moderately rough sea. We received the news of her sinking with profound saddness.It was difficult for us to accept that the beautiful ship we had been aboard was a casualty of the Falklands war, and that some of those killed were crew that we may have met.

I was presented with a crest when we departed and notice that it differs slightly from the one depicted. The surround is angular, not circular, the background to the elephant is red & green and the shawl is golden, not red. I would be happy to provide a photograph if it would be of interest.