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Rocky Hudson

United Kingdom

posted: 29.10.2004 19:40

As the May \'04 reunion seemed to go down so well, and as we talked about all meeting again next year, this posting is to kick things off a little. That is, if you all happy for me to plan it !!

We talked in May about going to Coventry, and holding some sort of service at the Cathederal. I EMailed the Cathederal a month or so ago and got no reply.

I am going to try again, but in the mean time, please EMail me or post on this site with your ideas or suggestions on what we can do.

Barny and Steve (Boulders), you will both get to this one I am sure, I\'ll get the round in !!

Looking forward to hearing back from everyone who is up for it.

"Tony" Ridgill

United Kingdom

posted: 18.10.2004 20:32

It\'s 22 years which is a lifetime ago, but some things are as fresh as if they happened yesterday.

I love the site.It brought back so many memories.

I seem to have a photo not included (taken from a liferaft) so if anyone wants it please drop me an email and I\'ll scan it over. Or tell me how to post it on the site.
alexander thompson

United Kingdom

posted: 17.10.2004 13:59

im namde after my mamers brother i think he was a second lefttenont alexander marsh we think he lost his life

when it went down
David Tominey

United Kingdom

posted: 14.10.2004 10:51

I don\'t know how many people come here, but I know the deep feelings of sorrow that run to this day through the crew and families of the Coventry.

I am writing to inform that my Dad, who served on the Coventry for years ( up until 1981 ) passed away on June 12 2004 in his sleep. Thomas Fox Tominey was 62.

I imagine he is back in the mess where he belonged!
Paul Inman

posted: 01.10.2004 20:20


Nice to see you found the site; remember you well have been with you at Vernon and later on the Cov; if my memory serves me right you were an Exeter boy?

Hope all is well Nick; great to hear from you after all this time, best wishes shipmate,