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Steve Walker

United States

posted: 02.12.2004 04:28

Shipmates I need your help when we were in the rafts in the water I was at the entrance to a raft with another shipmate across from me we had one leg in the water the other in the raft helping anyone into the raft. we were pulled away from the side by Broadswords gemini , Who was the ship mate across from me.
Toby Owen

United Kingdom

posted: 01.12.2004 18:29

Good to see so many people still logging in.

Cenotaph was as good as ever this year hope to see more of you maybe next year.

Wil definately be at the reunion 05, keep up the good work Rocky.

Hey Rigsby, good to see your still alive and kicking, get in touch.

all the best guys, see you in May.
Stephen Still

United Kingdom

posted: 29.11.2004 20:19

I am the son of Bernard J Still, I need to get as much info. about his service as i can, Please help

Stephen Still
Steven Kelly


posted: 25.11.2004 14:01

I served on the Coventry during the Falklands, LRO (G). I visited this site for the first time recently, and of course the memories come flooding back. Lots of names I recognised, and lots I didn\'t! But none the less, it was a sharp reminder of some harrowing times. I suppose like any life changing event, it will always stay with us. Anyone interested in contacting, to spin some dits, then please do so. Hello to all old buddies, and respect to those who did not make it.
Rocky Hudson

United Kingdom

posted: 24.11.2004 21:23

Not much response regarding Cov Cathederal as a possible reunion. (In fact, none!!) So I have binned it. I take it all would be happy with a similar thing to last year, get together with a few beers, the weekend before the 25th??