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Simon "Molly" Sugden exWE

United Kingdom

posted: 11.04.2004 14:54

First time on site only ever been on the SAMA82 before.

Congratulations on a wonderful web site.

Have sent mail to a few people already on the guestbook, one has been returned it was to Craig Phillips ex MEM(L) any body know his whereabouts.

Hope to hear back from those I\'ve mailed or from anybody that remembers me.Especially members of 3P Mess.

Think a lot about the times we had from when I joined in January up to the 25th and our trip home on the QE2.

Best wishes to all ship mates


Caroline Edwards

United Kingdom

posted: 02.04.2004 12:00

I would be interested to hear from anyone who served with my dad, Nigel Edwards (Bungy) in 1982. I have looked at this site many times and am so proud of my dad. I would appreciate any stories that I could tease him about and talk about to his grandson.
George Foster

United Kingdom

posted: 26.03.2004 15:13

It must be years since I\'ve been in contact with anyone who served on the Coventry during the time that I was on her. I joined the ship while she was in drydock at Pompey in Jan 81 and remained with her as PO of the Quarterdeck until May 82. Since leaving her I have often wondered if Paddy Burke ever learned to play uckers. I was released from the RN as a WO(S) in Jan 03 and have since been employed as a Conference Manager at HMS Collingwood. It was a good feeling to discover the CV website and I look forward to meeting old buddies once again. If anyone should remember me, why not drop a line.
jordan nelson

United Kingdom

posted: 23.03.2004 09:19

hi everone i go to the coventry sea cadets i just want to no if i can have a little chat to someone about the navy life so could anyone plz get back to me on my email adders fancks
Les Howard

United Kingdom

posted: 21.03.2004 17:16

Hi everyone,

Has anyone out there got any idea where i can find either a HMS Coventry Tie or Falklands conflict tie, I would like to own one as i served on her as an MEM.