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Malcolm Rutherford

United States

posted: 26.05.2012 17:08

Just viewed the pictures of Brian "Smudge"Smith, LHOM of 3Q Mess.. never had a chance to say it but thanks for looking after me when I really didnt have a clue about life on the ripe old age of 17 when I joined the ship and only 17 1/2 on the 25th May.. I owe him a lot... Cheers Mate..
Adrian 'Adey' Cumper

United Kingdom

posted: 26.05.2012 09:23

What an incredible day yesterday. 125 was an incredible number to attend and much credit to Chris Howe, Eli and others who made it happen. We certainly did justice to our fallen comrades. The Captain made a moving and emotional speech in the evening and I'm sorry I can't make the rest of the weekend activities. Incredible to see many travelling from Australia, USA & Spain and great to see so many from the Supply Department with Mike Richardson, Tim Fletcher, Steve Andrews, Andy Stewart & Geoff Oram to name a few. Very proud to be part of such an incredible Ship's Company.
steve hale

United Kingdom

posted: 26.05.2012 08:33

Solemn thoughts on this auspicious ocassion..... very haunting memories
Boothe Davis

United States

posted: 26.05.2012 03:09

I wish to express my respect for Coventry's service and honor the memory of the men whom were lost thirty years ago.
I had toured HMS Arrow during her NYC visit the summer before and I followed events from the Falklands more than you might expect from an American who was in junior high at the time!
I've had a keen interest ever since in the history of the Falklands War war and great admiration for the British expedition that achieved victory against incredible odds.
I've read Captain Hart-Dykes book and have nothing but admiration for the courage and camaraderie of Coventry's company and all of their colleagues as well.
Once again, my respects to all who served during that time, and my prayers to the loved ones of those who were lost...
mr and mrs dawson

United Kingdom

posted: 25.05.2012 20:01

thinking of stephen (dickie)
today and everyday always in our thoughts,love from
mum and dad