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Chris Howe MBE

United Kingdom

posted: 11.06.2012 18:56


A link to the BBC East Midlands TV covearge taken on 25th May.

Yours Aye - Chairman
Mick Braid

United Kingdom

posted: 10.06.2012 13:14

Steve how you doing I think you meant leg - end if you are ever in Weymouth give me a shout accomm and beer available.
Mick Braid

United Kingdom

posted: 09.06.2012 20:12

Selwyn I hope life is still Magic, Andy you need to be banned from this site for using abusive language Blackpool indeed. Surprised you two had time to post with jack dustys always being in bed. If your ever down Weymouth way give me a shout I might buy you a drink. Titch Hancocks I dont believe you did not remember me on the Covs football team the best right back you ever played with (steady) and the amount of coffees I used to make you when you were navs yeo and boring me about Shrewsbury F.C hope everythings ok with you lads, best ship I served in in my 30 years in the mob, memories eh?
steve hale

United Kingdom

posted: 08.06.2012 02:46

micky braid...... a legend indeed... still talked about in the steward world and known by millions ( im guessing) ( patches)

posted: 07.06.2012 10:27