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Dennis Bear


posted: 16.08.2012 03:08

I was working in Gibraltar Dockyard at the time HMS Coventry was sent to the South Atlantic, it was hush hush at the time but the ship was painted and all markings removed so we all know it\'s posting. I worked as a Leading Draghtman and had lots of contact with a Chief Mechanical from the Navy \"Gibraltar Refit Group\". He was good to work with and a friend. He was transferred to the Coventry just before departure to the Falklands and distinctly remember wishing him well a in town at the Piazza when I found out of his transfer to the Coventry, not that he would let know where the ship was heading, although we all knew. I have often wondered how he went and always hoped the best for him. It would be great to make contat again. I eventually emigrated later that year in September 1982 to Australia. I never forgive myself for forgetting his name.
Jim Hudson (For Martin Sl

United Kingdom

posted: 15.08.2012 20:43


I have been asked By Martin Slater to post this here....

As you may be aware, HMS PLYMOUTH is to be sent to Turkey for scrapping this year.

I am the Secretary of HMS Plymouth Association and am posting this on all my friendís and group pages who I think may wish to help.

HMS PLYMOUTH is the last frigate to have taken part in the Falklands War of 1982 where she served with such distinction (the surrender of Argentine troops on South Georgia was signed in her wardroom), as well as being the last of her type, the Rothesay Class Type 12m, still afloat in the UK.

HMS Plymouth Trust has been formed to try and get her a last minute reprieve and take her to a port in the North East of England where a berth has been offered. To do this they must raise £400,000, which is the figure it is believed is required to buy out the contract with the Turkish ship breaker. However, there is very little time as this figure must be achieved by the end of September.

£400,000 is a lot of money in any language, be it English or Turkish. I am therefore posting this here to ask if you would be able to help by making a pledge towards the fund.

Legal documentation and Terms & Conditions will need to be drawn up before you hand over any money, so all that is asked of you now is to make a one-off pledge of however much you will be able to comfortably afford at the end-date of 30th September.

At this stage NO MONEY NEED CHANGE HANDS and making a pledge puts you under no obligation as you may withdraw your offer at any time. Once the deadline is reached, the money will be Ďcalled iní and added to the Trustís bank account.

To make a pledge just visit the SAVE HMS PLYMOUTH group, find the topic titled *** MAKE YOUR PLEDGE HERE *** and in the comments add the amount you wish to pledge. It couldnít be easier. Please do not make any other comments.

Before making your pledge, please read the file entitled PLEDGES in the ĎFilesí folder.

I do hope you will be able to help save this historic vessel by making a pledge and posting this message on all your friendís pages.

Russ Garner

United Kingdom

posted: 24.07.2012 23:51

I recently joined the assoc, and was tasked with checking up on the security at the Britannia hotel in Cov(thefts from rooms).Spoke to Samm Fisher, sales manager, assured me that electronic locking systems were fitted in June following the thefts(before would have been best)Did this months ago, but couldnt e-mail ressult cause `F` and `O` buttons missing off my flaptop, and they were my favourites.
John Sharman

United Kingdom

posted: 09.07.2012 19:36

To those of you that have not read the latest \"Association\" tab entries, I have stepped into the role of Membership Secretary (because \"Beer Bosun\" was already taken)
I have received all previous records held by Simon and will soon have an overview of who our 70 members are, even though I met so many of you again in May and marched proudly behind the standard on both occasions. If there are any of you who have not joined and want to, please contact me. If there are any of you who know someone else who served who may want to join and hasn\'t, get them to contact me. If there are any of you who knows anyone out there who may not know that we exist, please direct them to the website so that they may see what we do in the knowledge that there is absolutely no obligation to identify themselves or to join if they do not wish to do so. I look forward to all future replies, dits and wets.
Roger Newman

United Kingdom

posted: 05.07.2012 20:15

In todays obits in the Telegraph, there is a very nice tribute to the first Captain of HMS Coventry Christopher Burne. To any of us who served from the first commission, he was an eccentric but in a very nice way, well worth a read and the last sentence sums him up.