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Ray Galeozzie


posted: 25.05.2012 09:07

I will be remembering those still on patrol with one or two glasses tonight, rest in peace guys
Ian McArthur

United Kingdom

posted: 25.05.2012 08:55

30 years ago today amongst the celebrations of my first child Stuart Ian McArthur being born we found out the very sad news that HMS Coventry had been hit and sunk. Here in Beduth near Coventry we took time out to think about the Service men who lost their lives on that day and there familyís, in fact all of those involved in the Falklands War. We still do this to this day so tonight I will raise glass to all of the Armed Services and there family and friends who were on or had family and friends on board HMS Coventry and sing Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life by (Monty Python) as the survivorís did on that day waiting to be picked up.
We will also raise a glass to all of the Armed Services and their families who were on or had friends and families on Atlantic Conveyer on that Day 30 years ago and to all those involved in the Falklands War and all the conflictís before, since and still on going. God Bless you All. And THANK YOU for all you did and still do
Graeme Weldon

United Kingdom

posted: 25.05.2012 07:51

Will be raising a small glass of something tonight in rememberance of all the lads that did not make it back.

Yours aye

Glenda Dawson-Hauer


posted: 25.05.2012 07:29

Stephen Dawson.
Not a day goes by without we think of you. You are remembered today with love and pride.xxxx

Wish we could be at the services this weekend but have booked a few days in Portsmouth in July when we come over to England for the summer so will go to the Sally Port then.

Thinking of you all and
I will raise a glass tonight in honour and

John Sharman

United Kingdom

posted: 25.05.2012 07:05

Just leaving for Pompey after weeks of anticipation. We have all been used to our private thoughts on this day over the last 30 years and like most, I don't talk to anybody who wasn't there. When I raise a lone glass to those left behind and those we have since lost, It's never the same as when I join with you all at these gatherings. May it long continue as I hope the D118 HMS Coventry Association attracts more members over the coming years. Many thanks to Chris and the Committee. See you all at the Sea Wall. Yours Aye.