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Toby Owen

United Kingdom

posted: 16.11.2012 10:29

Had a very special day on Sunday remembering all our shipmates still on patrol at the Cenotaph in London. Met up with Si Rouse, Colin Kemp,Mel Berry,Steve Bell, Dave Woods,Tony Reece, Chris Howe and Paul Inman. See you all in May 2013. Toby
Russ Garner

United Kingdom

posted: 15.11.2012 15:42

Pete, I went to Caludon castle school, but did spend some time at pres. Kennedy, but was RTU`d. Are you sure it was me you saw in a pub, I`m not sure I frequent such places. I may try a visit later this year, see if I like such behaviour.
Craig Phillips

United Kingdom

posted: 11.11.2012 19:46

Remembering those still on patrol. Spent our Remembrance Sunday in Eckington with the Tonkins.Thinking of all whose have lost loved one to war.
Graham Sylvester

United Kingdom

posted: 06.11.2012 18:05

Have a look on ebay at iten number 290541337991. Old Royal Navy Embroidered Cummerbunds. Hope that\'s what you are looking for.
Dave 'Stevie' Stevenson

South Africa

posted: 05.11.2012 10:46

Greatings from South Africa one and all. I sometimes have to wear a dinner suit to attend work events and was wondering if anyone knows if it is still possible to get a Coventry cummerbund? (with the correct shape crest). If so where from. Thanks Stevie