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chats chatwood

United Kingdom

posted: 17.07.2005 13:24

great site. nice to see so many fots of old oppos. not exactly skin any more. please e-mail me. especially you yorky burton. have worked with your brother many times
Stu Pennock ex WEM(R) 3P

United Kingdom

posted: 16.07.2005 18:18

Just caught up with the website after a while. Great to see it thriving and the reunions going well. Will try and make 2006. I remember Billy Barnham....drummer man!!

Also was in touch with Brum Jakes. Taff Bodenham...I still have your kitbag..if you want it back....God bless all shipmates and families. Take care.

Bob (Ginge) Applegate

United Kingdom

posted: 14.07.2005 20:04

Hello to you all again, I\'m sorry I didn\'t make it to the reunion but I will next year just to put the faces to all those names that give me such fond memories. I bumped into another old Coventry sailor yesterday, Martyn (Tigs) Tigwell, I told him about the site and we had a great chat about old times, we were wondering, whatever happened to Eddie Campbell (of the Casual Onlookers fame), I was hoping Billy Barnham might know. If anyone else knows can you contact me. I have a contact telephone number for \'tigs\' if anyone wants to contact him.

My thoughts were with you all on the 25 May as they are every year. She was certainly a wonderful ship and I am proud to have served in her and with most of you.

Yours aye

Bob (Ginge) Applegate

Ex PO Gunner.
Dougie Douglas

United States

posted: 10.07.2005 18:23

As promised, I went to the Memorial on Liberation Day and paid my respects. We had a great vacation in UK, only 2 wet days in 2 weeks (surprisingly) and we\'ve just dodged Hurricane Dennis this weekend.

As for the tri-service event that Rocky mentioned, the Freedom of Gosport is being given to all Falklands veterans on 24 August 2005 at 1100. Email me for more details. I won\'t be able to be there in person but I\'ll be there in spirit.

I know it was a long time ago, but I remember my time onboard the USS Claude V. Ricketts DDG5 in \'81, and I\'ve still got the ball cap and photo signed by the CO. The only drawback about being onboard was there was no beer!

Yours Aye.

posted: 09.07.2005 14:12

Ginge, It is a shame that that work got in the way mate, but looking forward to seeing next year.

Busta - No change I think mate, eh?