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Ginge Crook

United Kingdom

posted: 25.06.2005 14:21

Yorkie the last I heard of Tony Windsor was that he had moved back to Nottingham from South Yorks with his employment. Being in the same line of work I will see if i can contact him and get some details.(unless someone is still intouch)

United Kingdom

posted: 25.06.2005 06:39

There is quite a lot planned for 2007. As it is the 25th, there will be an official tri service memorial etc. I understand it will be held ion Gosport, but I am not sure of the exact program or dates. So it might be a few weeks behind or ahead of anything we plan. For more information contact Derek Kimber, who can probably tell you more. If you Email me, I shall pass you his Email address.

As for next year, I am going to place a few adverts in the Pompie Evening News, the Navy News and Coventry\'s local paper to advertise our meetings. I will also place a few adverts on other \"Old comrade\" sites.

By the way, is everyone happy with what we do? Anyone want to change or add things for 2006, or keep it the same?
Shaheeda Sabir

United Kingdom

posted: 24.06.2005 15:08

I work for a literary agency in London called Curts Brown and I am trying to track down Captain David Hart-Dyke as we would like to use a picture of Captain Hart-Dyke in a book that David Mitchell is currently writing. If anyone has an email address for him plse could you pass this msg on to him. Many thanks Shaheeda
Yorkie Burton

United States

posted: 23.06.2005 18:50

Temperatures averaging 110 again - so beard went south. Port Watch - where the hell is Tony Windsor? I will drive aroung to GrimeThorpe to track his sorry butt down in late December - next time I\'m over, but does anyone know how to get a hold of him, and have him come down for the 2006 reunion. I hope Doughy Douglass visited this month. I will get Jock, Steve, Doug over in 2006 if I can! At least Steve turned up - Thanks, as the only rep of your branch we thank you so very very much... I know it will get crazy in 2007 - 25 years, and Rocky see what you can do with that as far as promoting D118 goes.

Too freeking hot (120 yesterday!) looking forward to moving to Colorado again!

Antony John Hemmings

United Kingdom

posted: 01.06.2005 23:06

Hello guy i am writing to guys to see if you remember my father John Hemmings i believe he was a chef of some sort on board the ship when it sunk lucky he survived but as we know many of the people on board didnt my heart goes out to the people who lost loved ones and friend the reason why i write to you is becuase my father died when i was young and first of all i want to know if any of you knew him and aecond of all what was he like i would be glad to here from anyone ps if any of you guys still live in gosport then so do i would love to meet you and chat thank you for your time !