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Steve Walker

United States

posted: 25.05.2004 23:46

I have a bottle of pussers rum which is only opened on the 25th May to toast shipmates still on watch.

Hello Paddy what happened to Divie DiVine.
Andy "GINGE" Crook

United Kingdom

posted: 25.05.2004 21:51

Rocky, top marks mate. Great to see so many old faces funny how they all seem unchanged. Thanks also to Woody on the memorial. Looking forward to the next meeting. Hopefully more of us will get the message. Great ship, great oppo's, great weekend.
Steve Andrews

United States

posted: 25.05.2004 20:55

Sitting at my desk in a hot and steamy Washington DC I wondered how this year's reunion went and how many were still able to turn up. Its been 6 years since I was last able to attend one. Just found the website - great job.

Regards to everyone.

Geoff - I owe you a letter!

Former Killick Jack Dusty.
Dicky "Yorkie" Burton - L

United States

posted: 25.05.2004 15:27

Wish I could have been there in Pompey, I was thinking of my old shipmates drinking and having fun - without me! I will try to get over as soon as I can - living here in Phoenix, Arizona - it just does not have that damp, salty, overcast weather Pompey has.

Rocky - well done, and thanks for the phot's - Higgy, you need to loose wieght, Ginge wheres the hair? Nobby - I never thought you would ever grow old. Seems I remember all as they were 22 years ago.

Keep in touch, and yes I will try and get Dougie over with me for the 25th (2007) reunion.

As usual - email me, and I will add you to the list of reprabates that I call, and always will - Brothers and Shipmates.
Phil Eastall


posted: 25.05.2004 14:08

I Have just found this site, and had a good look at the guestbook, some names i remember.Its been such a long time, since i left the mob and i have not spent much time in uk, but at this time of year i always remember our shipmates that never came home with us.

I would just like to say good on ya one and all.