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Yorkie Burton

posted: 27.05.2005 18:13

Back in Phoenix, Arizona – cold it dropped to 109…

Simon – I missed you – you tall B*****d hope you can contact Smudge. I am still reeling from the emotion of meeting my shipmates after so long. Jock Rutherford (And we were all trying to remember his name (too many tins.), spent an hour talking about it until Baldus remembered – so our only hope is Viagra now – (me included!) Jock was with me on the 3 inch/2 inch launchers that day – he was Port side– he and scouse shouted to Lee and me to DUCK! So we owe you both… Jock get you butt out from California next year – or I will personally grab your arse and drag you over!

Steve (Yorkie Walker) – thanks, I believe, though I may be wrong, you were the only representative of your branch, again thanks for flying from Florida to share a drink your shippers – lets all do it again next year.
Rocky Hudson

posted: 27.05.2005 17:43

Don\'t be such a Gobby sprog Rutherford !!
Keith (Dougie) Douglas

United States

posted: 27.05.2005 17:30

I was working over the weekend of the reunion, and on 25th, but I paused long enough to remember our buddies still on patrol down south. As Yorkie said in an earlier message, a lot of people over here haven\'t heard of the Falklands, but when I\'ve spoken about my time in the RN they\'re interested to hear what we did to uphold democracy.

Good to see the photos of the reunion, and I promise to get there some time soon, Rocky.

We\'ll be in UK for 2 weeks in June and we\'ll visit the memorial in Old Portsmouth on Liberation Day (also my wife\'s birthday).

As with all who were there, the memory never fades.

Yours Aye,

Dougie (Nav Yeo retired)
Malcolm (Jock) Rutherford

United States

posted: 26.05.2005 07:48

the 25th May 2005 is almost over and the day forgotten, however the 25 May 1982 will live with me forever.

Nice to see the pictures of the reunion and the happy faces.

Since I was only 17 1/2 in 1982 I look think I look a bit younger than most of you.


United Kingdom

posted: 26.05.2005 07:48

Thanks mate,its a \"strap on one\" to match yours,nice one.