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Yorkie Burton

United States

posted: 02.08.2005 00:31

Chats me old Muckka - I sent an email - nice to hear form you Chats, what you had in you hands that night down the mess - makes me think your single these day\'s - and as for Eddie Campbell (Casual On-looker.) Thought he got a promo to LT!!! Eddie and me were shippers on HMS Blake for many years. Ginge wish I could help you - but stuck here in Phoenix, I have to deal with all the Grippo\'s, I need a hand over here, all (Ex Cov)welcome. Rocky, Fifth photo down on the reunion page is Steve Walker - not \"BALDUS\" - Fix it caus Baldus never looked that good!!! What would Knocker say!!! \"I never named that Shipmate...\" Feeling heads as he always did! Come to think of it where is Knocker at the moment? (New Zealand, China...) Always nice to get back here and chat.

Yours Ayh
Steve (Darby) Allen Ex PO


posted: 28.07.2005 15:51

Just read the guestbook again after two years. So many names, so many memories. The food could not have been that bad if you have all lived to this ripe old age!!! Best wishes to you all.

PS To Ginge Applegate - Leicester WILL beat the Tractor Boys this season!!
Jack Russell

United Kingdom

posted: 23.07.2005 00:42

I find that I\'m Unable (No- Not due to bevvy to start downloading my phots - any sugestions- am utilising Paint Shop Pro 8 ????????.


Jack Russell

United Kingdom

posted: 23.07.2005 00:32

I\'ve got 29 pictures to download - and am unable to do so - ANY HELP APPRECHIATED>


Jack Russell

United Kingdom

posted: 22.07.2005 23:27

Part Two

P.S Hi Ginge Applegate - Send regards to Tigs and anyone else - Off-work at the mo - well 11 months with a torn Achilles Tendon so Bristol has been in the back of my mind and am at the top of the hill - for how long God knows - regards to Henry and Steve at FSAG.