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chris mabbott

United Kingdom

posted: 27.05.2005 23:12

dear all

Glad i made the trip Sunday morning...It was nice to chat with old shipmates and to reflect on times past but not to forget our comrades who did not come home.

Brian Wall

United Kingdom

posted: 27.05.2005 22:01

Well what a weekend, it was great to get together with shipmates again, I have got some photies, and yes one of Barny collapsing with laughter on the stairs, it was fantastic to meet you all and get to know a lot of new faces of the crew who served on this great ship, mind you it took me a couple of days to fully recover from the saturday night run, and as for the friday run \"hasn\'t Marthas changed\".

A very moving memorial on sunday to remember the crew members still on watch,I was very moved by the whole occasion and have come home with the upmost respect for all of you who were there on that sad day and cant wait to meet up with you all again next year.

best wishes to you all and thanks for making it a great weekend

Brian Wall (Brick)
Yorkie Burton

United States

posted: 27.05.2005 18:16

Woody it’s been so long, and we served most of our career together, Blake, Dryad. Coventry (Along with Rocky) etc… Let’s keep in touch.

Lighter side – thanks Rocky for providing Billy with great entertainment at the Home Club! You have to send me the photo of Billy laughing on the stairs. Topsy – do not treat taxi drivers like that!!! They do not know you the way we do. Steve – if I ever need a nodding dog for my car – I will replicate the picture of you at the Indian restaurant!

I will be back next year (2006), but really looking forward to 2007 (25 years) – hopefully some of you will have grown hair back by then.

I miss you all – and David Lane (Sir) thanks for you thoughts, please come and see your family, we have a great respect for you, hope to see you when my sorry butt gets back to the UK.

Yours Aye

Yorkie (Dickie) Burton

Yorkie Burton

United States

posted: 27.05.2005 18:15

I think that the only emotional moment other than the ceremony – and at the ceremony I was crying, but being with you all, my family that’s OK – was when I was talking with Busta in the Still and West – about why all of us can talk, and share personal and emotional issues. As shippers you know that we are family until the end of time and it is difficult to communicate with others unless you were there – that’s why reunions are important…
Yorkie Burton

posted: 27.05.2005 18:13

Back in Phoenix, Arizona – cold it dropped to 109…

Simon – I missed you – you tall B*****d hope you can contact Smudge. I am still reeling from the emotion of meeting my shipmates after so long. Jock Rutherford (And we were all trying to remember his name (too many tins.), spent an hour talking about it until Baldus remembered – so our only hope is Viagra now – (me included!) Jock was with me on the 3 inch/2 inch launchers that day – he was Port side– he and scouse shouted to Lee and me to DUCK! So we owe you both… Jock get you butt out from California next year – or I will personally grab your arse and drag you over!

Steve (Yorkie Walker) – thanks, I believe, though I may be wrong, you were the only representative of your branch, again thanks for flying from Florida to share a drink your shippers – lets all do it again next year.