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Yorkie Burton

United States

posted: 14.09.2005 15:38

Shippers: Thanks, and Jack - I never did do much painting, I was in the Ops room most of the time, chinagraph pencil in hand and working with CHOPS. I still like \"Watch out Big F\'ing Elephant coming your way.\" I will be in Austin Texas until the end of the week - and yes I have the grippos buying!!! They even bought me the air ticket... I think they forgot how much I enjoy a good run ashore! Still no news from Tony Windsor - Ginge could you email me his email?

Paul Inman

United Kingdom

posted: 12.09.2005 20:22


The ships motto you may already have but here it is anyway; it is ‘Fortis Fert Securitatem’ just what it means I do not know? I will leave it to your good self to translate!

Hope all is well shippers nice to read your dittos on the site; see you next time you make it back to dear old blighty - I’ll stand you a wet or two.


Mick (Jack) Daniels

United Kingdom

posted: 12.09.2005 13:49


either the Budweiser is slowly eroding the grey matter or you didn\'t paint many ships crests?

Firmly etched is:

\'Fortis Fert Securatem\'

\"Strength through unity\"

correct me if i\'m wrong fellow Cov\'s?

Regards to all


p.s. Webmaster - its great reading through all the guestbook entries,but is it possible once someone has submitted an entry to save their details in a \'Crew Log\'

by surname or mess????

posted: 10.09.2005 23:10

Yorkie, you are going to like this...

\"Fortis Fert Securitatem\".

(Taken from the 1980 Far East deployment book)


strong, brave, powerful, robust, steadfast, courageous.


fruitful, fertile, productive



axe, hatchet, battle-axe.

Take your pick.

I like \"Strong Fertile Battle axe\"

It reminds me of a lady I met in Rosyth!!

Steve Allen


posted: 10.09.2005 09:13

The Ships motto was \"Fortis Fert Securitatem\" which roughly translated means Fortis Fert Securitatem, over to you experts in Latin!

Saludos a todos desde España, that I can translate, greetings to all from Spain.